Dynex DSX

All-in-one Diagnostic Solution

The DSX offers flexible and reliable sample-in/result-out processing, designed for true walk-away automation. Its fully automated 4-plate processing system is capable of performing multiple assays per plate. The modular design of DSX provides flexible configuration, and has been developed with ease of use in mind. The DSX incorporates many features to ensure the quality and accuracy of results, and has the performance to handle a wide variety of assays.


DSX Specifications

Dimensions    Metric                          Non-Metric
Width:              < 1060 mm                   42"
Depth:              < 910 mm                     36"
Height:             < 800 mm                     32"
Footprint:         < 1060 x 610 mm         42" x 24"
Reader specifications
Photometric range                   0 – 3.000 OD
Spectral range                        405 nm – 690 nm
Washer specifications
Manifold configurations:            8-way wash head
Programmable volumes:           50 – 999 μL
Residual volume:                     < 3 μL / per well
Incubator specifications
Number of incubators:              Up to 4
Temperature range:                 RT + 7°C to 50°C
Temperature accuracy:            ± 1°C
Shaking:                                   > 15 Hz periodic or continuous
Pipetting specifications
Number of plates 4
Number of assays: 1 assay per strip or up to 12 assays per plate
Single-shot sample pipetting
precisions: ≤ 3% CV at any operating volume above 10 μL
Single-shot sample pipetting
accuracy: ± 2% of target volume at any operating volume above 10 μL
Number of sample tips
loaded: 4 racks of 108
Reagent pipetting precision: ≤ 3% CV at 10 shots at any volume in operating
range above 25 μL
Reagent pipetting accuarcy: ± 2% of target volume in operating range (single shot mode)
Process security
Liquid-level sensing: Yes (reagents, controls and samples)
Level-sensor system: Pressure differential
Clot detection: Yes
Foam detection: Yes
Tip detection: Yes
Well-fill verification: Yes
Alarms: Yes
Computer (not included): Current model desktop or laptop PC running MS Windows XP
(contact Euro Diagnostica for current specs prior to purchase)
Controlling software: Revelation
Work protocols (assays): Unlimited
Data processing: Quantitative and qualitative
Levey-Jennings: Yes
Westgard rules: Yes
Process reporting: Event log and error log
Automatic / learn error recovery: Yes
Password access control: Yes

Connection to LIS-system: Yes

Functional assessment

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