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Chromogranin A

Date: 2017, date to be announced

Speaker: Lisbeth Witt, Team Leader R&D

Duration: 30 minutes

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Previous Webinars

Complement System: Functional assessment of total complement activity – optimal for finding deficiency

Date: 06/03/2015

Speaker: Sten Gershagen, PhD. Medical Affairs Manager

Duration: 45 minutes

Summary: More and more interest and clinical focus have been given the innate immune system and complement dysfunction has been implicated in a number of pathological conditions. Hence, determination of the activity of the different complement pathways has been shown to be an important diagnostic tool; for instance in cases of suspected primary complement deficiency where accurate assessment of complement activity is vital.

In the present webinar we will highlight the importance of assessing complement function through different examples from the everyday clinical practice. The different cases represent a variety of situations related to primary complement deficiency.

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Euro Diagnostica RIA line - Products with a lot of commercial opportunities

Date: 26/10/2015

Speaker: Sten Gershagen, PhD. Medical Affairs Manager

Duration: 45 minutes

Summary: TBA

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