Cell-based assays (iLite®)

iLite technology is based upon a reporter gene assay format, modified and adapted for applications during the whole drug development cycle as well as for monitoring of biological drugs.

iLite cell lines can be developed for any biopharmaceutical target and assays for drug potency, i.e. drug activity, and neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) can easily be set-up using the same cell line. All cell lines are supplied as Assay Ready Cells, which does not need culturing, and can be used straight from the freezer. 

Off the shelf iLite® products*
Product code     Product name                                        Regulatory status
BM3044        iLite® TNF-alpha Assay Ready Cells         RUO                      
BM3049 iLite® Type I IFN Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM3060 iLite® Insulin Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM3071 iLite® FGF21 Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM4023 iLite® IL-23 Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM4012 iLite® IL-12 Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM4050 iLite® GM-CSF Assay Ready Cells RUO
BM3133      iLite® TNF-alpha (16 ng/mL)            RUO                      
BM3136 iLite® Infliximab NAb positive control RUO
BM3159 iLite® Adalimumab NAb positive control RUO
BM3177 iLite® Etanercept NAb positive control RUO
BM3132 iLite® Diluent A RUO
BM3134 iLite® Diluent B RUO
BM3139 iLite® Diluent C RUO
BM3135 iLite® Reagents BLANK RUO


BM3249      iLite® IFN beta 1a (950 IU-mL) RUO                      
BM3250 iLite® Diluent D RUO
BM3251 iLite® IFN beta 1a NAb positive control RUO

*For research use only (RUO). These products are intended for professional research use only. The data and results originating from using the products, should not be used either in diagnostic procedures or in human therapeutic applications.

In accepting delivery of iLite® Assay Ready Cells the recipient agrees not to sub-culture these cells, attempt to sub-culture them or to give them to a third party, and recipient is only to use them directly in assays. iLite cell-based products are covered by patents which are the property of Euro Diagnostica AB and any attempt to reproduce the delivered iLite Assay Ready Cells would constitute an infringement.